Highfields Celebrant

Your wedding ceremony should be personal, unique and filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

What forms do you need to complete?

* Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13) - You will need to complete and lodge this form with me (or another celebrant) at least one month prior to your wedding. You will also need to provide the necessary documentation to prove your identification, place and date of birth and dissolution of any previous marriages.

 * Declaration of your Marriage (Form 14) - You will need to sign this form in the days prior to your wedding (this is usually completed at the rehearsal).

* Official Certificate of Marriage, a Certificate of Marriage and the Marriage Register – You will need to sign these documents during the ceremony in the presence of myself and two witnesses over 18 years of age.

* Additional documents if you are eligible for a shortening of time or if one party is under 18.

What documents will you need to provide?

I will need to sight original documents to confirm your identify, your date and place of birth and if appropriate documents that confirm the dissolution of the previous marriage for either party.

Documents to confirm your identity

I will need to see a form of photographic identification to confirm who you are.

This can be:

* A driver’s licence

* A proof of age/photo card  

* An Australian or overseas passport or

* a Certificate of Australian Citizenship along with another form of photographic evidence.

Documents to confirm your date and place of birth

If you were born in Australia, you can provide:

* an original birth certificate or

* an original extract of birth

Currently, an Australian Passport is not able to be used to confirm your place and date of birth.

If you were born overseas, you can provide:

* an original birth certificate or

* an original extract of birth or

* an overseas passport.

Documents to confirm the termination of your previous marriage

*If you have been previously married, documents to confirm the dissolution of your previous marriage

* If you are a widow or widower, you will need to provide an original death certificate of your former spouse

* If your previous marriage ended in divorce and this was prior to 2002 then you will need to show me a copy of your ‘decree absolute’.

* If your marriage ended after 2002, you will need to provide a Certificate of Divorce.